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President’s Perspective: Voter Suppression

Dear MSP Community, The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was a landmark piece of federal legislation in the United States that prohibits racial discrimination in voting. In 2013, Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act was struck down by the Supreme Court in Shelby County vs. Holder. Section 4 was

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President’s Perspective: Get Out the Vote

Dear MSP Community, With just weeks until the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election in November, I am writing to ask you to join me in an institution-wide effort to get-out-the-vote (GOTV). Many will face obstacles to voting this year. The media is reporting on fewer polling stations, longer lines and other

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The Pandemic of Racism

Dear MSP Community, I apologize for not reaching out to you sooner about the heinous racial incidents that the media has covered over the last few weeks. I have struggled with what to say, searching for the right words and ultimately reconciling with the fact that there are none. Every aspect of

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From the President: Letter to MSP Students

Dear Students, I hope this email finds you well despite the challenges of this time. I know you’re working incredibly hard under challenging circumstances; your dedication and tenacity is impressive. This doesn’t surprise me given how far you’ve come in your life and education. I look forward to the day when this

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From the President

Dear MSP Community, As I write this I am struggling to find “just the right words” that will comfort and instill hope for better days. That’s often how I felt with clients; as they sat before me so expectantly, I felt pressured to say exactly the right thing that would

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The President’s Perspective: Michigan Board of Psychology

The President’s Perspective is a blog series from MSP President Fran Brown that explores the field of humanistic psychology and shares insights into her experience as President.  An essential part of my service to MSP students is to monitor changes occurring at State and Federal levels that impact students and

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2020: A Year of Promise

The President’s Perspective is a blog series from MSP President Fran Brown that explores the field of humanistic psychology and share insights into her experience as President.  I can’t recall a time in my professional life when I’ve anticipated the new year with the enthusiasm I have for 2020. A

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