President’s Perspective: 2022-2023 Welcome

Photo of Dr. Fran Brown, PsyD wearing a pink blazer and sitting in a grey chair.Dear MSP Community,

Welcome to the Michigan School of Psychology’s 2022-23 academic year! 

Many of you are just beginning your academic journey to graduate school at MSP. My hope is that the time you spend here will be among the most enriching and special experiences of your life. 

Others of you are returning after a well-deserved break. For me Fall is a time of renewal, filled with enthusiasm and energy as we come back together in an atmosphere of personal growth and opportunities yet unknown.  

After two years of mostly remote or hybrid learning, our return to Fall feels especially meaningful. To once again experience campus coming to life in the last weeks of August is a joy I no longer take for granted. Seeing all of you, and your seeing of each other, adds an integral dimension to creating the genuine relationships we value at MSP.

As with other years, my guess is that you’ll experience unexpected joys and challenges, and will grow in ways that are difficult to imagine in this moment. As Booker T. Washington said, “Success is to be measured not so much for the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which [they have] overcome while trying to succeed.” I look forward to witnessing your successes as you realize your potential – both personally and professionally.

Last year we celebrated more than 40 years of humanistic scholarship at the Michigan School of Psychology. Much has changed during that time, yet our commitment to the legacy of our founders remains steadfast. You are now stewards of that legacy and belong to a special fellowship that will carry on the traditions embodied by our institutional values of respecting every person – period, valuing genuine relationships, and practicing what we teach. That’s an awesome responsibility and a privilege offered to relatively few.

With my best wishes for a fulfilling year,

President Brown