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Student Wellness

In order to support our vision of healthy people, healthy relationships, and healthy communities the Michigan School of Psychology is dedicated to connecting our students with the resources they need to succeed. 

Community Resources

MSP is aware that graduate students can face a variety of challenges including food and housing insecurity and more. Learn more about assistance that may be available. 

Disability Services

MSP is dedicated to ensure all students have equal access to academic programs and activities through the Office of the Registrar. Learn more about disability services


MSP connects students in need of insurance with a broker who can walk them through options, pricing, and more. Learn more about opportunities for insurance.

Mental Health

The MSP clinic has complied a list of resources for individuals experiencing mental health crisis. Learn more about community mental health resources.

Student Emergency Funds

MSP ‘s Office of Financial Aid has a number of funding opportunities available for students who may be facing financial difficulty. Learn more about student emergency funds.


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