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Resisting the Cult of Busy

February 11, 2019

Feeling overwhelmed with life’s demands? Cynthia Ransley, MA (’15) offers a brief argument for joining the resistance. Busyness has reached something like cult status with a lot of people I know. I don’t share this fascination with overscheduling, mostly because it doesn’t feel good. Busy to me means suffering – my heart-rate goes up, my… Read More

Ann Abbey: “How I Make It Work”

From students fresh out of undergrad to professionals who are retraining for a new career, the Michigan School of Psychology welcomes students wherever they are in life. “How I Make It Work”  highlights the diversity of student experiences as they balance classes, work, and life.  Name:  Ann Abbey, CPA, RYT Program: MA Describe the (joys and)… Read More

Q&A with Dawn Krull (’17), Co-Chair Alumni Advisory Board

January 29, 2019

The Alumni Association at MSP would not be possible without the enthusiastic volunteer efforts of Dawn Krull, MA (’17). Over the past two years, Dawn, along with Colleen Damino, PsyD (’14), has dedicated countless hours to the formation of a new and thriving Association. Dawn was kind enough to answer a few questions below on… Read More

Student Experience: Jumping In

Getting involved in student life on campus is a quick way to feel at home at MSP. Brittany King (PsyD 1) shares her experience of settling into the doctoral program below. I was one of the few students coming into the PsyD program this year who didn’t attend MSP for my Master’s. Thinking about this, I… Read More

Student Scholarship Award Winners 2018/19

January 25, 2019

MSP is committed to contributing annually to assist in student scholarships and aid. Scholarship and financial assistance funding is supported by gifts from alumni, family, and friends. Generally, funds are disbursed in the form of tuition credit. This academic year Evan MacAdams (PsyD 2), was awarded the Jill Benton Humanistic Psychology Scholarship (JBHPS), and Andrea… Read More

Why a PsyD?: What to consider when considering a doctorate

January 8, 2019

For some, the pursuit of a doctoral degree is a no-brainer. Of course I am (or am not) applying to the PsyD program after I finish my Master’s. Other students aren’t so sure. Something draws them to the idea and some equally potent thing pulls them back. As the deadline to apply (February 15) approaches,… Read More

EPPP Preparation Workshop: What to Expect

December 12, 2018

Each year, MSP hosts a free peer led EPPP Workshop for current students and alumni designed to support and encourage a successful EPPP journey. Below, MSP alum Cynthia Ransley, MA (’15) offers a preview of this year’s workshop beginning in February. Psychologists tend to fall into two camps regarding the EPPP – 1) It sucks,… Read More

New Ideas for a New Year

November 29, 2018

Who doesn’t want some fresh ideas to start 2019? Cynthia Ransley (’15) shares a few of her favorite places to source some new thoughts online. I spend a good part of each day searching for thoughtful mental health content for MSP’s social media. There is plenty to choose from – every major (and plenty of minor)… Read More

Fall 2018: First Semester Highlights

November 27, 2018

What an exciting semester it has been! In addition to the usual highly anticipated events (like Orientation and Welcome Week) MSP celebrated our new President Fran Brown, our name change, and the exciting transition to Phase II of Foster the Future that will include the MSP clinic, opening Fall 2019. Here are just some of… Read More

Staff Spotlight: Mike Diegel

November 16, 2018

MSP students know Mike Diegel as the friendly library clerk who knows everyone’s name by the second week of class. Mike was kind enough to answer a few questions (many of his own devising) for our latest Staff Spotlight. Give us a snapshot of your professional background: I earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from… Read More