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Nadine Ali

Benefits of A Combined MA & ABA Degree Program: Nadine Ali

Here at MSP, we’re proud to offer a combined degree program in which students can receive a Master of Arts in clinical psychology with a concentration in applied behavior analysis (ABA). Students of this program go on to pursue careers in a wide variety of fields. Nadine Ali, a 2022

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Working with Veterans

Participation in military combat leaves veterans at a greater risk for mental illness and the uniqueness of military culture requires clinicians to take special considerations when serving this population. The MSP student body includes active-duty and military veterans. Our students and alumni also work with veterans in a variety of

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2022 Commencement

Previous Next Congratulations Class of 2022! On July 28th we were proud to celebrate the accomplishments of 91 graduates with their friends and families at The Hawk Community Center in Farmington Hills. Two students received their ABA certification, nine students received their MA with a concentration in ABA, 64 students

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Photo of Co-founders Diane Blau and Bruce Douglass in front of a picture of Clark and Cereta

Anniversary Reflections

On Sunday, June 5th, 2022 the MSP community gathered together to commemorate 40+ years of educating psychologists in the humanistic tradition. The celebration took place on the school’s campus in Farmington Hills in the form of an open house with a formal program taking place during the event.  Oakland County

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Photo of Dr. Diane Blau sitting behind her desk in her office.

An Invitation from Dr. Blau

MSP’s 40th anniversary open house celebration will be held on June 5th from 11 AM to 2 PM. In this week’s blog Dr. Diane Blau, MSP Co-Founder and President Emerita, shares her thoughts on this upcoming milestone. I am excited to take part in the 40th anniversary celebration of MSP on Sunday, June 5!  While it certainly dates me,

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Photo of Kate Cusick, PsyD

Faculty Spotlight: Kate Cusick, PsyD

We delighted to feature Alum Kate Cusick, PsyD (’19) in our latest Faculty Spotlight. Dr. Cusick is new to the Core Faculty. She is teaching a section of Core Concepts in the MA program and History & Systems in the PsyD program. Where did you grow up? I grew up

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Nicholas Capaul, PsyD (’20): “Let’s Talk About Death”

One of our 2020 doctoral grads, Nicholas Capaul, recently started a podcast with his twin brother called “Let’s Talk About Death With the Capaul Twins.” Dr. Capaul reflects below on growing up around death, his clinical work on grief, and the inspiration for their podcast. As a young boy I

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How to Map Your 2020

This time of year always inspires a looking back, a review of the year that is ending. Best of, worst of, all the days in between. 2020 has been like no other year in my life – I’m hoping to leave many of the experiences I’ve had firmly behind. But

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