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Cereta Perry Scholarship Recipients

The Cereta Perry Scholarship honors Cereta Perry, PhD, co-founder of MSP, and her contributions to both alumni and diversity. The scholarship was established in her name for the purpose of recruiting diverse students to MSP. It is awarded at the beginning of each school year to a promising incoming student in each program who

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What MSP Means to Me

This spring, students were given the opportunity to share what their experience at MSP means to them. We’re so excited to get to share how the MSP community has helped students grow not only academically, but professionally, and personally as well. “I am sure that the world would definitely be

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Nathan Hayrynen: What MSP Means to Me

Nathan Hayrynen (MA ’16, PsyD 4) shares what his experience at MSP has meant.  On my first day of school at MSP, I was afraid of not fitting in. Paradoxically, I was also afraid of fitting in. Not fitting in feels familiar and safe, floating freely on the periphery just

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Jasmyn Irvin: What MSP Means to Me

Jasmyn Irvin (MA ’19, PsyD 2) shares what her experience at MSP has meant.  My time at MSP began in the Master’s program. For about five years after I finished undergrad, I waffled about whether I would pursue my dream of becoming a Clinical Psychologist. By waffling, I mean I

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Photo of Kari Eidnes

Kari Eidnes: What MSP Means to Me

Kari Eidnes (PsyD 1) shares what her experience at MSP has meant.  It is difficult to express how much MSP means to me. There are few places, whether that means organizations, schools, or communities, like MSP. It is a place of support, care, and growth and sets itself apart due

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Alyse Dietz: What MSP Means to Me

Alyse Dietz (MA with ABA Concentration) shares what her experience at MSP has meant.  There are often times in life when we as humans feel compelled to keep going, pushing, working, achieving, and most importantly, to make sure that we are doing all of those things at the same time,

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Photo of Courtney Cabell

Courtney Cabell: What MSP Means to Me

Courtney Cabell (MA ’21, PsyD 1) shares what her experience at MSP has meant.  If you would have asked me what my career plans were prior to starting the master’s program at MSP, my answer would have sounded something like, “Atarting a private practice to do therapy using my degrees

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Photo of Maria Berganza

Fernanda Berganza: What MSP Means to Me

Fernanda Berganza (MA) shares what her experience at MSP has meant.  If the world were a little more like MSP everything would have more color. I am sure that there would be no place for racism or sexism. There would be no place for disrespect or power differences. If you

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Photo of Jared Boot (PsyD III)

Jared Boot: What MSP Means to Me

Jared Boot (MA ’19, PsyD 3) shares what his experience at MSP has meant.  When I think of the Michigan School of Psychology (MSP), I think of the words of the school’s founder, Clark Moustakas, “The teacher offers resources, makes available opportunities, suggests options, points to possibilities, and provides information

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Scholarship Recipients 2021/2022

MSP is committed to contributing annually to assist in student scholarships and aid. Scholarship and financial assistance funding is supported by gifts from alumni, family, and friends. Generally, funds are disbursed in the form of tuition credit. During the 2021-2022 year we are pleased to announce the following recipients. The

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