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DeAndre Lipscomb, MA

MSP Board Member Reflection: Black Lives Matter

At MSP, we understand the importance of diverse perspectives to strengthen our community. We’re proud that our MSP Board of Trustees brings together diverse clinical psychologists, business administrators, and nonprofit leaders to lead our Institution’s ongoing growth and renewal. The following blog was written by Board Trustee DeAndre Lipscomb, who

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Lee Bach, PhD - psychology associate

The Timeliness and Timelessness of Existential Concerns

MSP Core Faculty member Lee Bach, PhD wrote this Anti-racism statement to read in her Existential class in the MA program. Dr. Bach agreed to share her message with the wider community. In light of current events that painfully illustrate horrific abuses of power against people of color, unprecedented abuses

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Psychology Associates Zalapi Diane

Letter to MSP Community

On June 15, 2020, MSP Vice President Diane Zalapi wrote the following letter to the community. Dear MSP Community: I am sickened and outraged by the killing of Rayshard Brooks on Friday evening by an Atlanta police officer. I keep coming back to this not in disbelief because, as we

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Community Conversations: Racism Pandemic

Over the last several weeks and months we have witnessed an onslaught of heinous racial incidents and a disproportionate number of cases/deaths related to COVID-19 in communities of color – all of which are occurring within the context of day-to-day racism in our country. On June 1, MSP President Fran Brown hosted

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The Pandemic of Racism

Dear MSP Community, I apologize for not reaching out to you sooner about the heinous racial incidents that the media has covered over the last few weeks. I have struggled with what to say, searching for the right words and ultimately reconciling with the fact that there are none. Every aspect of

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Headshot of Jared Boot

Transgender Day of Visibility

What is the Transgender Day of Visibility? The International Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) takes place annually on March 31. This annual celebration was actually started by local metro Detroit social worker and transgender social justice activist Rachel Crandall-Crocker. It is a day to celebrate the transgender community in all

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