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New Ideas for a New Year

November 29, 2018

Who doesn’t want some fresh ideas to start 2019? Cynthia Ransley (’15) shares a few of her favorite places to source some new thoughts online. I spend a good part of each day searching for thoughtful mental health content for MSP’s social media. There is plenty to choose from – every major (and plenty of minor)… Read More

Staff Spotlight: Mike Diegel

November 16, 2018

MSP students know Mike Diegel as the friendly library clerk who knows everyone’s name by the second week of class. Mike was kind enough to answer a few questions (many of his own devising) for our latest Staff Spotlight. Give us a snapshot of your professional background: I earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from… Read More

Student Experience: The MA to PsyD Transition

October 23, 2018

Coming into this program, I had no idea what to expect. Although I was able to hear the perspectives of both former and current students, I remained anxious to begin. I have to admit that although I tend to present as a confident student, there are times my fear and anxiety get the best of… Read More

Inside Admissions: What to consider before applying to grad school

September 19, 2018

Applying for graduate school is a large decision in someone’s life and involves many difficult questions.  Is this what I really want to do?  How hard will the work load be?  Can I fit it into my life?  Can I afford it?  How will it benefit me and my future career?  Can I get in? … Read More

Christopher Corbin: “How I Make It Work”

August 29, 2018

From students fresh out of undergrad to professionals who are retraining for a new career, the Michigan School of Psychology welcomes students wherever they are in life. “How I Make It Work”  highlights the diversity of student experiences as they balance classes, work, and life.  Christopher Corbin (PsyD 1) shares his experience below. Name: Christopher Corbin,… Read More

Psi Chi Academic Conference Award Winners

May 9, 2018

The Psi Chi chapter at MSP is please to announce the Psi Chi Academic Conference Award Winners for 2018! The purpose of the Psi Chi Academic Conference Award is to promote Psi Chi member scholarship and learning at professional conference.  This year, Psi Chi awarded three travel grants: Brian Burgoyne (MA), National Conference Award Burgoyne, B., Spencer, H.,… Read More

Grieving Without Beliefs

  …it is enough to know that as long as there is a universe I am a part of it. Anne Alexander Bingham It is no small comfort to believe that my father, who passed away unexpectedly in early February, has been reunited with his beloved mother and his dear friend Wally.  Perhaps has found… Read More

Fourth Annual Mental Health Symposium

May 3, 2018

The Fourth Annual Mental Health Symposium, hosted by the Psi Chi Chapter at MSP, was held on April 20, 2018 at MSP. After Psi Chi President Alicia Width (PsyD 3) made her opening remarks, she welcomed keynote speaker Sarah McClelland, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Women’s Studies and Psychology at the University of Michigan,… Read More

Ashley Craft: “How I Make It Work”

“How I Make It Work” is a new blog feature designed to highlight the diversity of student experiences while attending MSP.  From students fresh out of undergrad to professionals who are retraining for a new career, MSP welcomes students wherever they are in life.  Ashley Craft (PTMA) shares her experience below. Name: Ashley N. Craft… Read More

Student Reflection: Psychology in Chicago – MPA 2018

May 2, 2018

MSP is committed to celebrating faculty and student research at regional and national conferences throughout the year.  Jared Smendik (PsyD 2) attended the 90th Annual Meeting of the Midwest Psychological Association and offered this reflection. As doctorate students, we tend to have a lot on our plate: From writing papers, reading vast amounts of academic literature, planning… Read More