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Headshot of Nadine Ali

Benefits of A Combined MA & ABA Degree Program: Nadine Ali

Here at MSP, we’re proud to offer a combined degree program in which students can receive a Master of Arts in clinical psychology with a concentration in applied behavior analysis (ABA). Students of this program go on to pursue careers in a wide variety of fields. Nadine Ali, a 2022

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Photo of Cynthia Atkinson

Working with Veterans

Participation in military combat leaves veterans at a greater risk for mental illness and the uniqueness of military culture requires clinicians to take special considerations when serving this population. The MSP student body includes active-duty and military veterans. Our students and alumni also work with veterans in a variety of

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What MSP means to us graphic featuring headshots for Alyse Dietz, Jared Boot, Fernanda Berganza, Jasmyn Irvin, Kari Eidnes, and Courtney Cabell

What MSP Means to Me

This spring, students were given the opportunity to share what their experience at MSP means to them. We’re so excited to get to share how the MSP community has helped students grow not only academically, but professionally, and personally as well. “I am sure that the world would definitely be

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Photo of Courtney Cabell

Student Perspective: Psi Chi Professional Development Award

The Psi Chi Professional Development Grant is available to support the professional development efforts of MSP Psi Chi members to promote academic and professional excellence in psychology. The grant can be used for a variety of purposes including APA and Division membership fees, journal subscriptions, conference fees, and more. Courtney

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Graphic of two clip art style people holding the Trans flag. Graphic reads "IDEA at MSP invites you to celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility. Learn more about trangender achievements and challenges."

Celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility

International Transgender Day of Visibility takes place annually on March 31st as a day to celebrate the lives and impact of transgender individuals and bring awareness to the continued discrimination the community faces. IDEA would like you to join us in celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility. This day is meant to

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Photo of Elizabeth Romano

Student Perspective: ABA

At the Michigan School of Psychology, we are proud to offer an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) certificate through dual enrollment with our Master’s Program or as a stand alone program for students who already have an MA. The certificate program is an wonderful asset for those looking for educational and

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Photo of Avery Potvin

Avery Potvin: “How I Make It Work”

From students fresh out of undergrad to professionals who are retraining for a new career, the Michigan School of Psychology welcomes students wherever they are in life. “How I Make It Work”  highlights the diversity of student experiences as they balance classes, work, and life Name: Avery Potvin, MA Program: PsyD Describe the

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Photo of Kenneth McDermott

Student Perspective: Navigating Virtual MSP

Over a year has passed since MSP moved all of our operations remote in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Never could we have predicted what is now the “new normal.” Below, Kenneth McDermott (MA) explores his experience in our virtual format. Coming into the MA program knowing it would be

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MA Spotlight

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