Working with Veterans

Participation in military combat leaves veterans at a greater risk for mental illness and the uniqueness of military culture requires clinicians to take special considerations when serving this population. The MSP student body includes active-duty and military veterans. Our students

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Photo of students, faculty, and staff at the 'Not That Funny' activity.

Structural Racism Programming

Structural racism is the embedding of discriminatory practices within societal institutions that result in privileging white people while perpetuating deeply ingrained inequities among historically marginalized groups. Throughout the 2022-2023 school year we will host events offering opportunities to learn about

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Wellness Wheel

Student Engagement In November – Spiritual Wellness

The wellness wheel is comprised of eight dimensions of wellness: Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, Financial, Environmental, Occupational, and Intellectual. The dimensions are interconnected and important to a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle. Student engagement at MSP aims to provide programming to

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Cereta Perry Scholarship Recipients

The Cereta Perry Scholarship honors Cereta Perry, PhD, co-founder of MSP, and her contributions to both alumni and diversity. The scholarship was established in her name for the purpose of recruiting diverse students to MSP. It is awarded at the beginning of each

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Student Spotlight

Bobby Chipelewski

MA with ABA Spotlight

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