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What MSP Means to Me

This spring, students were given the opportunity to share what their experience at MSP means to them. We’re so excited to get to share how the MSP community has helped students grow not only academically, but professionally, and personally as well.

Fernanda Berganza Headshot

“I am sure that the world would definitely be a nicer place to live in if it were a little more like MSP.” 

-Fernanda Berganza, MA 

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“The school’s learning environment helped me actualize and become confident as a psychologist who can make a difference in the lives of others through work I am engaged in related to research, advocacy, and clinical practice.”

 -Jared Boot, MA ’19, PsyD 3

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Photo of Jared Boot (PsyD III)
Photo of Courtney Cabell

“Each day, despite the various stressors, anxiety, grief, and sometimes depression that comes along with being a graduate student, I wake up filled with gratitude, because I know I am working towards my life’s purpose, and MSP has been giving and continues to give me that.”

 -Courtney Cabell, MA ’21, PsyD 1

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“The community at MSP has taught me that I can be an achiever, a hard worker, and resilient by completing one simple task; slowing down. Sometimes it amazes me how the simplest answer can be the most challenging yet eye-opening thing to discover.”

 -Alyse Dietz, MA with ABA

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Alyse Dietz Headshot
Photo of Kari Eidnes

“There are few places, whether that means organizations, schools, or communities, like MSP. It is a place of support, care, and growth and sets itself apart due to the conscious effort to promote diversity in higher education.”

 -Kari Eidnes, MA ’21, PsyD 1

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“I was able to fully be myself and be accepted. The community is a real gift to the nonconformist.” 

 -Nathan Hayrynen (MA ’16, PsyD 4)

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Jasmyn Irvin headshot

“I have experienced MSP as a healing place that has helped me answer as many questions about myself as it has created.”

 -Jasmyn Irvin, MA ’19, PsyD 2

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