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Fernanda Berganza: What MSP Means to Me

Fernanda Berganza HeadshotFernanda Berganza (MA) shares what her experience at MSP has meant. 

If the world were a little more like MSP everything would have more color. I am sure that there would be no place for racism or sexism. There would be no place for disrespect or power differences. If you come from far away, you are older, or feel overwhelmed, you would feel that you are welcome anyway.

There is no place else where I have been, that I have felt such an intense atmosphere. I have changed so much in less than a year, more than I did in 35 years. I have broken stereotypes and biases that had lived with me forever. I have learned that we know so little and have so much to change and so much to see.

Here we learn from each other, and our talents are uncovered. Every class is a new world to wonder and discover. All the staff makes you feel like they can’t wait for you to be back. The teachers all have so much to teach in such a humble and respectful way. Every peer is part of a big MSP family, where our strength is our diversity. We are to each other a shelter from adversity.

I have found a place here. I have found a place where all are welcome, where I feel welcome.

MSP means a new opportunity, a dream I had left behind and thought I would never accomplish.

I am sure that the world would definitely be a nicer place to live in if it were a little more like MSP.