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Jasmyn Irvin: What MSP Means to Me

Jasmyn Irvin headshotJasmyn Irvin (MA ’19, PsyD 2) shares what her experience at MSP has meant. 

My time at MSP began in the Master’s program. For about five years after I finished undergrad, I waffled about whether I would pursue my dream of becoming a Clinical Psychologist. By waffling, I mean I was frozen in fear. Would I be able to get in? Would I even be a good therapist? After a long stint in higher education administration, I decided to face my fear and apply to MSP. Though my work in that field was valuable, I always felt something was missing. My love of the mental health field has always pulled at me. I wanted to do more personally meaningful work for myself and contribute to others. After being accepted, I remember going to my first class and thinking, “This is where I belong. I’ve found my people.” MSP quickly became my happy place. Being part of this community made me realize that my sensitivity was a strength, not a weakness, as I previously believed.

As a master’s student, I grew exponentially as a person and clinician. My fears about being a therapist turned out to be unfounded, and I realized that I was walking in my purpose. Being a therapist, though challenging, was congruent with my intuitive nature. For the first time in a long time, I no longer felt I was missing an essential piece of my puzzle. MSP has been a nurturing place for me to deepen my relationship with myself and further expand my sense of what’s possible for me. I have experienced MSP as a healing place that has helped me answer as many questions about myself as it has created.

As a doctoral student and part-time therapist, I have weathered several personal and professional storms and come out stronger. MSP is a central plot point on my journey to finding my authentic self, something that I try my best to help my clients experience. My education at MSP has enabled me to serve others in a very fulfilling way. I’ve met many clinicians I look up to and have supported me on my ever-evolving journey. I’ve found longtime friends and colleagues here. When I graduate in 2024, I know I will be equipped with the tools necessary to assist clients and future therapists on their paths to conquering their fears and finding peace.