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Fifth Annual Research Symposium Preview

The Psi Chi Chapter at MSP is preparing to host the Fifth Annual Mental Health Research Symposium on Friday, April 26 on campus. Each year, the Symposium offers students from MSP and neighboring institutions the opportunity to present research in a student-focused environment.

Holly Spencer (PsyD 1), this year’s Research Symposium Chair, shares her experience working on the Symposium below.

Describe the process of planning and organizing the Symposium.

Planning the Symposium has been a great experience. It takes a great deal of time and effort, from finding a keynote speaker to gathering participants to be a part of something incredible and important to Psi Chi and MSP.

The planning is not a one-person job – I have the support of Psi Chi President Michelle Justice (PsyD 2), Psi Chi Vice President Brittany Rutland (PsyD 2), and MSP Director of Admissions and Student Services Amanda Ming who is always there guiding me and ensuring each step is well organized and successful.

What is the goal of the Symposium?

The goal of the Symposium is get students involved with research to help find their passion, while teaching others about topics that are important to them and the world of psychology.

How do you balance student life with the extra responsibility of being Chair?

Extra responsibility of being the chair of the Symposium is like any other class assignment.  I add each of my tasks to my calendar and follow through on the scheduled time and dates, ensuring each step of the symposium are completed in a timely manner.

How does student research enhance learning in and out of the classroom?

As students, we are unable to learn everything we need to know in the classroom. Therefore, it is the student’s job to discover what excites them, even outside of assigned curriculum.

Research gives us the perfect opportunity to complement and enhance what we learn in class. We can follow our interests to become self-learners; the knowledge we gain through research offers us the opportunity to share what we learn with others.

Holly Spencer headshotHolly Spencer is currently in her first year of the doctoral program.