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Welcome MENAPC!

Photo from MENAPC meeting
Deena leading a MENAPC meeting

MSP is thrilled announce to the creation of the Middle Eastern and North African Psychology Club (MENAPC). The club was created in October and is MSP’s fifth student organization. MENAPC’s mission is to raise awareness of Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) issues in psychology, perform advocacy, and provide a space for MENA students to connect with each other. While the club will be focusing on the MENA population membership is open to everyone. 

“Before I started at MSP, I wanted to check out MSP’s student organizations. I noticed that there wasn’t a club dedicated to the MENA community,” said Deena Haddad (MA student), the club’s founder and president. “Being Syrian, I knew what it was like not to have people to talk to who had similar backgrounds, interests, and values as me. I wanted a place for the MENA community to come together to share our similarities and feel at home. I also wanted to be part of a club that would be able to create a larger impact in the field of psychology, by breaking the mental health stigma MENA communities face. I wanted to emphasize what it means to be from the MENA community and be in the mental health field as a therapist and for clients. With the help of the wonderful MSP staff and advisors, I was able to make this come to life, and I could not be more thankful!”

While working to start the MENAPC, Deena invited Reem Fakherddine (clinical training coordinator) and Dr. Danielle Balaghi (PsyD program director) to be the staff and faculty advisor. They provide guidance and support to organization’s entire executive board. 

The hope for the new organization is that it will provide a greater sense of community to Middle Eastern and North African individuals at MSP. Additionally, the group hopes to create discussion and action around the lack of support for the MENA population’s mental health and decrease stigma through representation and support.

So far this year the MENAPC has had meetings to begin learning the Debke, a traditional dance, and provided essential connection points for students to discuss the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. Learn more about MENAPC here and contact Deena with any questions! 

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