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The Pandemic of Racism

Dear MSP Community,

I apologize for not reaching out to you sooner about the heinous racial incidents that the media has covered over the last few weeks. I have struggled with what to say, searching for the right words and ultimately reconciling with the fact that there are none.

Every aspect of our lives is permeated by fear right now. We fear for our families, friends, and ourselves. This fear influences our behavior, causes some to shun other human beings, and others to dart around in public as if being chased. We are fearful of our government’s response, the vocal disagreement over what is right and safe, and our own physical, emotional and financial heath. 

For some of us this is a new phenomenon. For others it is all too familiar. The pandemic of racism is a fear that people of color are forced to endure throughout their entire lives.

We are battling two pandemics at the same time and we must win both for the sake of humankind. The public cry against these atrocities sparks hope, but it will take all of us to win the battle. We must not become paralyzed by the anger and sadness that allows us the privilege of remaining silent in the face of such brutality. We must each ask ourselves: What more can we do in our lives — through our actions, our votes, and even our financial resources — that demonstrates we are actively anti-racist? 

In health and community,

Dr. Brown

Photo of Dr. Fran Brown, PsyD in front of green plants.