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Life After MSP: Career journeys that matter

MSP is grateful to maintain contact with our diverse group of alums, each of whom leaves campus to pursue a career in clinical psychology in their own unique way.  Our Life After MSP column has so far featured six alums who have crafted careers that suit their particular personal strengths and clinical passions.

Elisabeth Smith, MA
“…my caseload is mostly children and most have encountered some type of abuse or neglect in the recent past.  I also work with adults with trauma histories, anxiety, and some cases with severe mental health diagnoses as well as parolees participating in a re-entry initiative program.” Elisabeth Smith, MA
Troy Piwowarski, PsyD, LP
“…I will be joining a group practice called Core Insights, a brand new multicultural community of psychologists in the Bay Area that provides affordable psychotherapy by paneling with insurance companies typically available to lower income populations.”               Troy Piwowarski, PsyD
Lisa Kaffenberger, '14
“I am loving my work in outpatient counseling and I look forward to everything that it will bring…I love seeing my clients grow and being a part of their journey, and it’s really nice to know that hard work can really get you to a place where you can have a job that you love.”                      Lisa Kaffenberger, MA
Melissa Saren, MA, TLLP
“The bulk of my job includes completing intake assessments, diagnosing and engaging in psychotherapy with clients, and of course, charting. However, because my job is in an integrated health facility, I also participate in daily meetings with the medical staff, dental staff, CMH, and DHS to discuss how we may better serve the needs of our shared patients.  With integrated health, I have to be much more ‘hands on’ than perhaps other psychotherapy positions.”               Melissa Saren, MA
Bridget Bienz, MA, TLLP
“I love the fact that I am able to work with a variety of people and diagnoses. The variety in the population that I see is providing me with an abundance of experience. I have a wonderful caseload of clients, some willing engage in treatment and others are court ordered, which also adds to my experience and versatility.”     Bridget Bienz, MA
“I currently am on the SUD team, so I screen all incoming substance abuse calls for detox and residential, intensive outpatient, outpatient and medication assisted therapy services using the criteria set forth by ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine) and other clinical screening questions. I also screen individuals seeking mental health services and those with developmental disabilities, matching them to the appropriate provider based on their individualized needs.” Leslie Salmen, MA