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Congratulations Letter from MSP Board of Trustees Chair

Dear Students,

For the most part, I’ve been where you are – anxiously awaiting the end of the semester and eagerly looking forward to Graduation Day, the day that confirms all assignments are completed and you’ve met all requirements to obtain your degree. Also, like you, I’ve never lived through the dual challenge of experiencing both health and racial pandemics.

Because of COVID-19 and resulting mandates that prohibit large social gatherings, we are not able to hold a traditional graduation ceremony at this time. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, please accept our apologies; we are also disappointed. 

Unfortunately, the atrocities of COVID-19 have brought the world as we knew it to a screeching halt. Fortunately, COVID-19 did not interfere with your ability, drive or determination to successfully continue and complete your education. You transitioned well to online learning by mentally shifting from classroom instruction to online instruction, and your adaptability is truly commendable. As Humanistic Psychologists, you’ve been prepared and are equipped to go out into the world and help those in need of your expertise as well-trained clinical psychologists.

If there was ever a time that the world needed your services, guidance, and support, it’s now. It is your time to shine and apply everything you’ve learned.  As you leave the Michigan School of Psychology, trust and believe that you are ready, prepared, and equipped to positively change lives and the world. You’re also departing MSP as psychologists who completed their graduate level education during both health and racial pandemics that tested your stamina, strength, and spirit. Proudly, your resilience prevailed – you’re finished and are on your way.        

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I extend the sincerest of congratulations to you and wish you much success in your future endeavors.

Warm Regards,
Dr. Tanya Martin,
Chair of the Board of Trustees

In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.
-Albert Einstein

Vice Chair of MSP Board of Trustees, Tanya Martin PsyD