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2019/2020 Marjorie Scott Scholarship for Excellence Winners!

Each year at graduation, two students (one MA, one PsyD) are awarded the Marjorie Scott Scholarship for Excellence (MSSE) in recognition of excellence in academic achievement. Students are invited to apply during third semester, and the winners are announced during MSP’s annual commencement ceremony.

We are delighted to announce that Avery Potvin (MA) and Jamie Sharpe (PsyD) are this year’s recipients! Below are excerpts from each of their faculty recommendation letters for the MSSE.

Avery is a very caring and empathetic. She endeavors to not just understand the humanistic values of the school but live them in her relationships and clinical work. She strives to meet each client where they are and puts forth a lot of time and effort to consider approaches that will be helpful. She has worked with a lot of children this year and has consistently brought issues related to mandated reporting to supervision, demonstrating the highest adherence to ethical standards.

Photo of Avery Potvin
Avery Potvin

Beyond a doubt, Jamie Sharpe is an impressive student. Academically, Jamie is passionate, talented and creative. She is one of those rare students who consistently approaches her academic training and clinical work with talent, authentic curiosity, active engagement, and energy. Her clinical skills are strong and she is an extraordinary sharp critical thinker. I would describe her as someone who possesses a depth of sensitivity and perceptiveness that is simply impossible to teach. I have been continually impressed with her courage and willingness to push herself beyond her comfort level. As a result, our discussions have always been rich with process and depth far beyond that of other students with the same level of training.

Jamie Sharpe
Jamie Sharpe