MSP students and faculty at the Michigan Psychological Association Annual Conference in 2018.
MSP fosters a space that makes research more accessible and exciting. During my time here, I have found a new appreciation for research that I never expected. There are so many opportunities to get involved and learn about different types of research! – Carly Percy, PsyD Program

At the Michigan School, human science research is a fundamental pathway for faculty and students to engage in the study of human experience. Students develop a lifelong appreciation and commitment to scholarship, and become critical consumers of a broad body of scientific research.

Research bridges theory and practice. Skills for practical application and lifelong learning are developed, while a focus on empirical research prepares students for evidence-based clinical interventions.  By conducting research, students build collaborative relationships, further develop their writing and presentation skills, and enhance their effectiveness as clinicians.

MSP is committed to the exploration of human development and behavior through application of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method research. Faculty serve as mentors by creating faculty-student research teams that conduct and publish clinically purposeful studies, and together present their research at professional conferences alongside noted scholars and practitioners in the field.

At MSP, research is broader than a paper, a presentation or a dissertation — it is foundational to learning and to contributing to the field of psychology.


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