Welcome to the Michigan School of Professional Psychology! We have been eagerly preparing for your arrival.

To students new to MSP, you are about to enter a significant academic endeavor, one that promises to promote personal and professional growth. To those returning, dynamic learning opportunities await.

All of you enter a community of like-minded learners with faith in the promise of humankind. To live productively in this community requires care, respect and compassion and a mindful commitment to respectful regard for the uniqueness of each member. This does not occur through mystery or magic, rather by reflective and serious study and dedication to values rooted in humanistic psychology: freedom, responsibility, creativity, authenticity and honesty.

I hope your education this year stimulates your curiosity and enhances your process of exploration and discovery. Relevant learning stems from a stance of wondering and inquiry, a desire to extend and expand your range of knowledge and experience, and a passion to be of service. With this focus, potentials are realized and the transformation from novice to professional is achieved.

clinical psychology school Diane BlauAll the best in this new beginning…


Diane Blau