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Student Reflection: Making the Most of Fall Semester

Fall semester 2020 was different than any other. Our faculty and staff worked tirelessly to ensure that even though our incoming students began their MSP journey 100% online, the heart of the experience would remain intact. Below we asked one student to reflect on her experience this semester.

I think, like a lot of other students this year, taking the leap to start graduate school was a risk. I applied to MSP because I had heard about the excellent programs, professors and staff, and the warm community that the school fosters. When I applied in January of this year, I had no intention of taking classes online from home.

When I was accepted into the part-time MA program later in the year, I knew I had a decision to make. By that time, it was becoming clear that in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, MSP could only offer online classes.

I took the leap, and I’m so glad I did! Even before classes started, Carrie Pyeatt, Coordinator of Admissions & Student Engagement, held Zoom mixers for part-time students like myself, and I attribute this to meeting some of the good friends I have today. As classes and events began, I was excited to see what MSP had to offer. Over the last four months, I have attended such events as HAVEN’s presentation on consent, the Couples Therapy Workshop presented by Stacy Ingraham, and Institutional Courage in the University: Concrete Steps to Addressing Anti-Blackness in Academia by Dr. Jennifer Gomez. Each of these has built onto my education at MSP.

This semester, I enjoyed taking Core Concepts with Dr. Lee Bach and Multicultural Psychology with Dr. Renee Allen. Both classes encouraged growth and vulnerability. I genuinely believe they have equipped me for future classes and future clients.

Although this semester has brought challenges unique to 2020, I have never felt more supported by staff and faculty. I can’t wait to continue classes in 2021.

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Hannah Lash just finished the first semester of the part time MA program at MSP.