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January 2019

Photo of three panelists sitting at a table
Sharmane Brown (MA), Carrie Nantais, PhD, and Kelly Frazee (PsyD 1) answer questions after the film.
Student painting a wall
Nadeen Majeed (MA) volunteering with IDEA.

On January 18, Student Engagement hosted a free screening of the PBS POV documentary, “Of Men and War” created by filmmaker Laurent Bécue-Renard.

After the film, attendees discussed the film with a panel of experts that included Carrie Nantais, PhD, who completed a predoctoral clinical internship at the John D. Dingell VA Medical Center, working with Veterans’ mental health in both PTSD and substance abuse and two current MSP students who are also veterans, Kelly Frazee (PsyD 1) and Sharmane Brown (MA).

IDEA members hosted a day of service on January 21 in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Volunteers worked with staff from Micah 6 Community in a variety of renovation and painting projects to benefit a family in need.

Other News:

IDEA began a donation drive for Sanctum House in honor of National Sex Trafficking Awareness Month that ran from January 14-February 15.

Dr. Ann Smith presented a CE Workshop on domestic human sex trafficking on Saturday, January 26 on campus.

In Blogs:

Cynthia Ransley offered her suggestions for websites to check out in New Ideas for a New Year and a preview for the EPPP Preparation Workshop. We shared some thoughts on Why a PsyD? to encourage applicants to go ahead and apply. We highlighted Evan MacAdams (PsyD 2) and  Andrea Taylor (PsyD 3), this year’s Student Scholarship Winners.