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EPPP Preparation Workshop: What to Expect

Each year, MSP hosts a free peer led EPPP Workshop for current students and alumni designed to support and encourage a successful EPPP journey. Below, MSP alum Cynthia Ransley, MA (’15) offers a preview of this year’s workshop beginning in February.

Psychologists tend to fall into two camps regarding the EPPP – 1) It sucks, but I studied hard and managed to pass or 2) It sucks and no matter what I try I can’t pass. To paraphrase Henry Ford, either way you look at it… you are probably right.

I find the latter attitude frustrating because the simple fact is that if you can complete a graduate degree (MA or doctoral) in clinical psychology, you can the pass this exam. The same skill set – grit, sacrifice, determination – that propelled you in grad school is exactly what you need for the EPPP.

This year’s free peer led EPPP Preparation Workshop, running each Thursday night in February and March at MSP, is shifting the focus slightly to fill a specific need. This year, the overall theme of the Workshop will be to provide a wider introduction and overview of the exam itself.

The workshop is intended to support current students or alums who are at the beginning stages of being ready to study (or being ready to think about studying) and would like a preview of what’s to come.

We will cover:

  • What you need to know about the test itself
  • What content areas you will be studying
  • Strategy and memorization ideas & tools
  • Question answering strategy and practice

Hopefully, attendants will find this bird’s eye view approach helpful in setting the stage for their study habits. This workshop – like any other – is intended solely as a starting place or at most a supplement to independent, rigorous, and comprehensive study plans.

It’s true that the EPPP is a challenging exam. It’s also true that you can pass it, if you prepare thoroughly enough. Let’s look this fear right in the eye together – drop in for one workshop or attend all 8 weeks. Afterward, you will be that much better prepared for what lies ahead.

Cynthia Ransley, MA, LLPCynthia Ransley is the Communications Coordinator for MSP. In 2017, she passed the EPPP at the doctoral level. This is her second year presenting the EPPP Workshop at MSP.

Questions? Concerns? Feel free to reach out via email ([email protected]).