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How Conquer the Mid-Year Slump

As the seasons slowly begin to change from winter to spring, students may find themselves in the midst of a mid-year slump. With there still being a few weeks before second semester finals and the realization that the year (or for full-time MA students their entire program) is halfway over it can be easy to begin to loss motivation or feel stuck. Here are three simple ways you can conquer the mid-year slump. 

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Remind yourself why you chose to pursue an advanced degree. Take some time to remember why you want to become a clinician and why you selected MSP. Try creating a list of goals that completing your degree will help you accomplish, reflect on all the hard work you’ve put in already, or talk with a classmate or professor about why you love MSP. This can help foster a sense of gratitude that will allow you to approach the rest of the year with a fresh sense of excitement. 

Reexamine your study habits. Sometimes all you need to get out of a slump is a change. Create a new study playlist, find a new coffee shop to study at, create or refresh a study space in your home, or form a study group if you haven’t already. You’ll be amazed at how these small changes can make you feel energized and ready to work. 

Practice self-care. It’s always important to practice self-care, but especially during challenging times. Make sure you set aside time for yourself away from school, whether that be a whole day where you do nothing or simply saying ‘I won’t do any school work’ after a certain time. Once you have this dedicate “me time” think about how you want to spend it. Do you want to be alone? With friends? Maybe with a furry friend? Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s something that leaves you feeling refreshed. 

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