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Fall and Winter Research

Research is an integral part of academic life at MSP.  The diverse interests of our faculty, students, and staff create numerous opportunities for research collaborations and contributions.  We are so proud of all the hard work being done outside of the classroom by our students, faculty, and staff. This blog contains a selection of presentations and publications from MSP community members from the start of first semester to March 19, 2023. 


Medical Library Association Experience – February 13, 2023


Stephanie Swanberg (Staff): My Favorite Tool: ActivePresenter

Society for Humanistic Psychology (APA Division 32) Annual Conference – March 16-19, 2023


Angela Bologna (MA) & Reba Meagher (MA): The Dual Relationship Between Trauma and Chronic Pain

Dennis Brown (MA with ABA): The Biological, Psychological, and Social Impacts of Misophonia 

Seongwon Lee (PsyD 3): Supervision with Asian International Supervisees: Ethical Considerations and Suggestions 


Christopher Bernardo (MA ’20, PsyD 3): The Traditional Male Gender Role: It Harms All of Us and Impedes Therapy

Courtney Cabell (MA ’21, PsyD 2): Black Americans and Racial Trauma: Effects and Interventions

Courtney Cabell (MA ’21, PsyD 2) & Vanessa Brown (MA ’09, PsyD ’13): Racial Socialization of Black Adolescents: Protective Intervention or Vicarious Trauma? 

Courtney Cabell (MA ’21, PsyD 2), Elham Moghaddam (MA ’21), & Vanessa Brown (MA ’09, PsyD ’13): Enhancing Resilience and Posttraumatic Growth Through Capoeira

Johanna Buzolits (Faculty), Jasmine Perin (MA with ABA  ’22, PsyD 1), Mary Pendleton (MA ’22, PsyD 1), Olga Blum (MA with ABA ’22), Jeffrey Binder (MA ’19, PsyD 2), Vincent Mangiapane (MA ’21, PsyD 2), Derek Devee (MA ’22) & Qandell Minal (MA ’21, PsyD 2):  How Does Cultural Responsibility Impact the Lived Experience and Well-Being of Mental Healthcare Providers?

Kate Cusick (Faculty) & Jared Boot-Haury (MA ’19, PsyD 4): Intersectional Asexual and Transgender/Gender Diverse Identity Experiences: A Thematic Analysis 

Kate Cusick (Faculty) & Courtney Cabell (MA ’21, PsyD 2): Racial Socialization of Black Adolescents: Protective Intervention or Vicarious Trauma?

Association for Psychoneurocutaneous Medicine of North America Annual Meeting  – March 16, 2023


Olivia Katamanin, Shivani Saini (MA), & Mohammad Jafferany: Psychological Implications and QOL After Cosmetic Rhinoplasty: A Systematic Review

Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters Conference Annual Conference – March 17, 2023


Erin Stockwell (MA): A Pilot Group Psychotherapy Intervention for Adolescents with High ACEs


Danielle Balaghi (Faculty):The Role of Ethnic Enclaves in Arab American Muslim Adolescent Perceived Discrimination” in the Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology

Diane Blau (Co-founder, President Emeritus):An Unexpected Humanistic Journey” in The Humanistic Psychologist.

Grace Freeman (MA) & Jessica Matyas:  “Big-5 Personality Traits as They Relate to Risk Behaviors: Comparisons of Traits with Participation In and Consideration of Risk Behaviors” in The Alpha Chi Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship.

Jared Boot-Haury (MA ’19, PsyD 4):Review of Therapeutic Presence: A Mindful Approach to Effective Therapeutic Relationships” in The Humanistic Psychologist.

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