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2021-2022 Community Accomplishments

It’s time for our annual Year in Review! As we look back on each semester of the academic year, we reflect on the changes we have experienced, as individuals and a community. We’re so happy this year marked the return of some of our favorite in-person events.

Below is a selection of highlights from our community over the 2021-2022 academic year. Make sure to check out MSP’s Annual Research Report for a comprehensive look at our community’s research output from previous years.

Photo of Paul Farley presenting poster

Above: PsyD student Paul Farley (center) presenting his poster at the Midwestern Psychological Association Conference in April.

External Scholarships & Grants

  • Breanna Thornton (PsyD 3) received the Port Huron McLaren Hospital Auxiliary Medical Heath Services Scholarship 
  • Jared Boot (MA ’19, PsyD 3) was awarded the Marlene O’Neil Scholarship from the Michigan Psychological Association Foundation
  • Katilin Tuinstra (PsyD 3) received a grant to support her dissertation work on through the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation’s Student Award Program

Professional Awards and Achievements

  • Jared Boot (MA ’19, PsyD 3)
  • Vanessa Brown (MA’09, PsyD ’13, Adjunct Faculty) was elected to serve as the Treasurer for APA Division 32
  • Monique Nash (MA) was chosen as an APA Campus Ambassador
  • Dylan Oseas (MA ’20, PsyD 2) was elected to serve as the Division 32 student representative 


  • Students
    • Courtney Cabell (MA ’21, PsyD 1) presented Police Brutality and Killings of Black Americans: Exploring Vicarious Trauma at the Division 32 Conference
    • Ethan Reischling (MA) and Kenneth McDermott (MA) presented Burnout and Self-Care in Psychologists and Trainees at Midwestern Psychological Association Conference
    • Jamal Ghazi (MA) presented Imagination and it’s Healing Powers – the Mythopoetic Function at the Division 32 Conference
    • Kaitlin Tunistra (Psy D 3) and Nadeen Majeed (PsyD 3) presented Development of a Health Self-Care Scale at the APA Annual Convention
    • Paul Farley (PsyD 3), Stacy Nuar (PsyD 3), and LaSondra Wayne (PsyD 3) presented The Development of the Relationship Sustainability Scale at Midwestern Psychological Association Conference
    • Rebecca Jarvis (MA ’20, PsyD 2) and Carly Percy (MA ’20, PsyD 2) presented Preliminary Reliability of the Adverse Experience Scale at Midwestern Psychological Association Conference
  • Student and Alumni Collaborations
    • Betz King (PsyD ’04), Adam Duberstein (PsyD ’21), Andrea Brent (PsyD 3), Dylan Oseas (MA ’20, PsyD 2), Bryan Peterson (MA ’18), and Shannon Sugarman (MA ’15) presented The Philosopher’s Stone: Existential Humanistic Psychology in the Here-and-Now of Managed Care at the Division 32 Conference
  • Students and Faculty Collaborations
    • Alexa Resetar (MA ’20 PsyD 2), Caroline Callaway (MA ’20, PsyD 2), Diana Jasser (MA ’20, PsyD 2), and Kevin Keenan (Core Faculty) presented Orthorexia Nervosa: Scale Development of a Newly Recognized Eating Disorder at Midwestern Psychological Association Conference 
    • Courtney Cabell (MA ’21, PsyD 1), Tara Pope (MA ’21, PsyD 1), Sarah Sadovsky (MA ’21, PsyD 1), Savannah Yount (MA ’21, PsyD 1), and Kevin Keenan (Core Faculty) will be presenting The Development of the Multicultural Psychological Pain from Loss or Lack Scale at the APA Convention
    • Derrick Sebree Jr. (MA ’12, PsyD ’16, Core Faculty), Rebecca Jarvis (MA ’20, PsyD 2), Carly Percy (MA ’20, PsyD 2), and Morgan Van Leer (MA ’20, PsyD 2) presented Climate Change and Racial Ideologies among White Americans: An Exploratory Study at the Division 32 Conference
    • Dustin Shepler (Core Faculty), Mackenzie Tresnak (PsyD 4), and Christopher Corbin (MA ’18, PsyD 4) presented Predicting Physical Symptoms in Emerging Adults who Identify as Disabled at the Midwestern Psychological Association Conference
    • Elizabeth Romano (MA with ABA ’20, PsyD 1), Jeffrey Binder (MA ’19, PsyD 1), Devon Kardel (PsyD 1), Sarah Weber (PsyD 1), and Kevin Keenan (Core Faculty) will be presenting The Development of the Personal Resources for Change Measure at the APA Convention
    • Jamal Ghazi (MA ’21, PsyD 1), Erica Medina (PsyD 1), Nicholas Semaan (MA ’21, PsyD 1), David Humphries (PsyD 1), Kevin Johnson (MA ’14, PsyD ’18, Core Faculty), and Kevin Keenan (Core Faculty) will be presenting The Development of the Spirituality and Religious Engagement Scale at the APA Convention
    • Kari Eidnes (MA ’21, PsyD 1), Natalya Zerka (MA ’21, PsyD 1), Qandeel Minal (MA ’21, PsyD 1), Hannah Riesser (MA with ABA ’21, PsyD 1), Kevin Johnson (MA ’14, PsyD ’18), and Kevin Keenan (Core Faculty) will be presenting Developing a Measure of Acceptance at the APA Convention
    • Klarissa Matanos (MA), Erica Medina (PsyD 1), Maria Berganza (MA), and Dustin Shepler (Core Faculty) presented Predicting Subjective Well-being in Emerging Adults at Midwestern Psychological Association Conference
    • Vincent Mangiapane (MA ’21, PSyD 1), Avery Potvin (MA ’20, PsyD 1), and Kevin Keenan (Core Faculty) will be presenting Defenses Against Vulnerabilities Scale at the APA Convention
  • Faculty
    • Derrick Sebree Jr. (MA ’12, PsyD ’16, Core Faculty) presented
      • We Shall Rise: Critical Praxis for Socioecological Justice of American Descendants of Slavery at the Division 32 Conference.
    • Dustin Shepler (Core Faculty) moderated New Approaches in the Workplace and Classroom at the Midwestern Psychological Association Conference
  • Staff
    • Dana Erickson, Carrie Pyeatt, Stephanie Swanberg, Jana Thompkins, and Candi Wilson presented Developing and Hosting a Campus-wide Virtual Education Series on Structural Racism presented at the Michigan Academic Libraries Association annual meeting.