Celebrating Jewish American Heritage Month

Celebrating Jewish American Heritage MonthJewish American Heritage Month is observed every May to honor the rich traditions of the Jewish community. Since Judaism is an ethnoreligion this is a time to celebrate more than just the religious practices of Jewish Americans, but the culture too, through the exploration of art, music, food, and more. It’s also important to acknowledge that there are many sects of Judaism with their own unique practices. While the contributions, accomplishments, and culture of the community should be acknowledged and celebrated all everyday, this month provides a time to renew your focus on learning more about the Jewish community. It also provides us with the opportunity to rejoin the fight against antisemitism. We’ve compiled a list of ways to help get you started celebrating this Jewish American Heritage Month.

Explore Jewish American Heritage

Engage with Jewish American Culture

Learn Jewish American History

Jewish Organizations to Support

Most importantly keep learning and reflecting and remember that the challenges Jewish communities face are ongoing, not just history. Incorporate anti-semitism into everyday action, not just during Jewish American Heritage Month.