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Alumni Updates- February 2015

Judy Atkins (PsyD 2011) is now fully licensed in the state of Georgia. “The quality education I received at MSP was evident since I passed both exams on the first attempt, which completed my application process for full licensure. The state of Georgia is strict in granting licenses and Michigan School of Professional Psychology met the mark. I am now a fully licensed psychologist in the State of Georgia.” Dr. Atkins is working at the Relationship Recovery Center in Peachtree Corners, Georgia.

Ryan Blackstock (MA 2001, PsyD 2006) has developed a new party game called Psycho!Therapist. The game uses cards to create clients with weird problems and players solve their problems using a grab bag of equally odd tools. Find out more on his Kickstarter page.

Nadia Elmagrabi (MA 2001) has been practicing psychotherapy since 2001 and is currently at a private office in Huntington Woods, Michigan. Since her time at MSP, she has completed a Health Coach Training Program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City and incorporated health coaching into her services. Ms. Elmagrabi recently started a group detox program, 11 Days to Wellness, for those who want to “detoxify their life and find the power to heal themselves the old fashioned way with real whole foods.” Her new website is called Live In Balance.

Laura Hutchison (PsyD 2005) has been working with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan on their Healthier Michigan campaign covering back to school topics and bullying. In September 2014, she wrote an article on bullying for Metro Parent. She has also been featured on radio and television recordings, including the Backyard Show with BC on Radio Disney Detroit, WJR, and Middle Eastern American TV (MEA-TV). Read Dr. Hutchison’s writing on her blog.

Laura Jane Murphy (PsyD 2011) recently passed the EPPP and is now fully licensed in the state of Michigan. She is in private practice with Northern Clinical and Diagnostic Associates in Ludington and Manistee, Michigan. The group provides psychotherapy to children and adults, and they also contract with Centra Wellness Network (Manistee/Benzie) and Northern Lakes CMH (Traverse City/Cadillac). Dr. Murphy sits on the Behavioral Treatment Committee for Centra Wellness and provides functional assessments, behavior plans, guardianship and psychological evaluations. She also provides consultation and training to the case managers and support staff on implementing the behavior plans. In addition, Dr. Murphy is assisting in the development of an integrative approach to services for children with autism ages 4-6 years with Children’s Therapy Corner. A pilot project is starting in Lansing that will offer psychological services, ABA, Music Therapy, OT, PT, and Speech and Language Therapy under one roof. 

Michaelene Ruhl  (PsyD 2013) is in private practice at Horizons Counseling Services in Wixom, Michigan. She is currently offering workshops for Family Constellations at Peaceful Spirit Studio in Farmington, Michigan. Dr. Ruhl also began a workshop called “Missing Pieces: Sport Psychology Consulting for Bettering Athletic Performance” and is offering a 4-week session with Team Detroit Volleyball Club.

Toni S. Start (PsyD 2008) is the owner and operator of Start and Associates located in Grand Haven, Michigan. Dr. Start utilizes a mixture of humanistic psychologies, cognitive-behavioral therapy, parts work, EMDR, and imagery. She has been a guest presenter at Homes Society located in Vancouver, British Columbia and the annual Gentle Teaching International Conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. In September 2014, she was a featured keynote speaker at the Gentle Teaching International Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece. Her speech was entitled “Gentle Teaching: Human Relationship in Serving People.” 

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