Student Reflection: My Experience at MSP

MSP strives to stay in touch with the daily experiences of our students.  From time to time throughout the academic year, we ask a current student to offer a reflection on his or her experience to help gain insight into life on campus.

My experience so far in the MA program at MSP has been fulfilling. I am loving being fully immersed in my passion of psychology and being around other like-minded people. MSP’s focus on humanistic psychology connects what I know in my heart to the field of psychology.

The school legitimizes humanistic psychology as a treatment mode in itself rather than only a possible adjunct to other modes. I very much enjoy the emphasis on experiential learning. Class experiences vary from being immediately applicable to my practicum to bigger picture considerations.

I feel it is giving me the foundation to start good habits early. My practicum is at Family Medical Center of Michigan, which was my first choice. I enjoy the laid back environment, as it gives me the freedom to utilize various skills and techniques I am learning. My background of working for 14 years as a social worker in mental health is also showing to be helpful in my experience at MSP.

Changing my form of treatment has been as challenging as I had expected, and I am able to integrate the skills and values I obtained from my past experience. I feel that MSP is preparing me to be an effective and engaging psychotherapist.

Zugcic HollyHolly Townsend Zugcic is currently in the MA program at MSP.

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