Staff Spotlight: Andrew Kaleita

We are delighted to introduce Andrew Kaleita in a new position at MSP – Writing Specialist. Prior to this new position, Mr. Kaleita co-taught¬† “Advanced Academic and Professional Writing” at MSP last fall. Below he shares a little bit more about himself.

Photo of Andrew Kaleita

Give us a snapshot of your professional/academic background:

I graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in creative writing. I have worked as a freelance writer and editor for nine years. During this time I have supplemented small jobs with some long-term contracts. Throughout my career I have edited thousands of news stories for online publications and dozens of books. In Fall 2019 I taught Advanced Academic and Professional Writing at MSP.

Describe your role at MSP:

I have joined MSP as a Writing Specialist. This will involve using online tools like Zoom or Skype to speak with students and review their work with them. Students can also send me their academic writing for a copy editing pass that focuses on improving grammar, spelling, and APA formatting. Students can set up an appointment for one on one writing coaching or “drop off” a document in my email and have it edited without any direct coaching.

What attracted you to working at MSP?

When I first joined MSP as an Instructor in Fall 2019, I liked the idea of teaching writing in a classroom and getting back to steady work after spending a long time freelancing. Now what attracts me most is the prospect of continuing to work with the MSP faculty and staff that have been incredibly warm, helpful, and supportive to me. I hope to embody those same traits in my work as a Writing Specialist.

What are you looking forward to most in this position?

I’m eager to provide a helping hand to people who want to enter the difficult but very necessary field of psychology. It’s exciting to think that I can help someone earn a degree that will result in them helping a LOT of people. It makes me feel like my work will play a small part in helping the world at large, and that isn’t a feeling I get when I edit a cookbook. Then again, that might just be because I’m a terrible cook.

What is one thing that people might be surprised to know about you?

I’m a huge fan of anime, video games, comics, and basically everything nerdy!