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PsyD Student Spotlight

Photo of Savannah YountSavannah Yount

Hometown: Flint, MI

Program: PsyD

Book I would recommend: Lead Yourself First: Inspiring Leadership Through Solitude by Michael S. Erwin and Raymond Kethledge

Favorite Quote: “To find yourself, think for yourself.” —Socrates

What would people be surprised to know about you? 

People may be surprised to learn that my favorite music is 90s hip hop.

Name a cause you are passionate about.

A cause I am passionate about is serving the underserved, particularly those that live in poverty and struggle with access to adequate services and opportunities. I am also very passionate about working with children and helping caregivers learn effective parenting skills.

Why did you choose MSP?

I chose to attend MSP because of the emphasis the institution puts on diversity, community, and the humanistic orientation.

What do you plan to do with your degree?

With my degree, I would like to open a private practice in Flint that helps families within the community receive high-quality mental health treatment and neuropsychological testing that they would not otherwise have access to. A community that has been through so much trauma deserves care that is nothing less than excellent.

What is your plan after graduation?

Again, in a county with over 125,000 Medicaid recipients, my goal is to open a private practice within the community that provides excellent care to families in need.

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