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Photo of women recording podcastThis summer while traveling or even just relaxing by the pool or lake many people will choose to listen to a podcast. These audio programs have taken the entertainment world by storm, with over 120 million listeners in the US alone. If you’ve been searching for a new, meaningful podcast to listen to then look no farther! Below are our top recommendations for mental health podcasts.

  • Podcasts focusing on clinical issues
    • Two Therapists in Therapy explores the journey to self-acceptance while breaking down the stigma of mental health professionals seeking care. It’s a must listen for anyone struggling with their own identity, especially if they’re a therapist themselves.
    • Dear Therapists is a unique podcast where the listener gets to be an insight look in to a therapy session with therapists and TED speakers Lori Gottlieb and Guy Winch. Dear Therapists is a wonderful resource for early career clinicians looking for real examples of what a session can look like.
    • Therapists Uncensored Podcast approaches mental health from both the psychological and neurobiological lens. This podcast serves as a resource for clinicians looking to deepen their understanding in the relation between the social and biological impacts on mental health.
    • Speaking of Psychology is the APA’s podcast and is produced with the hope of helping its audience apply psychological ideas to their lives.
  • Podcasts focusing on wider mental health issues
    • On Our Minds is a student run podcast from PBS. One of the hosts, Zion Williams, is a high school student in neighboring Macomb county. The podcast is a great listen for anyone working with or raising teens. If you’re just looking for a few episodes we recommend the following:
      • It’s OK not to be OK
      • Depression can be a Scary World
      • The Ups and Downs of Social Media
    • Millennial Mental Health Podcast blends the perspectives of a psychiatrist and therapist to talk about a wide variety of mental health topics. Each episode is has a detailed title which can help individuals find the episodes most applicable to them, or you can binge the whole collection. This podcast is interesting for any clinician and their clients too.
    • Black Mental Health Podcast is hosted by Reginald Howard and uses personal stories to bring light to the unique struggles of the African American community when it comes to mental health. It makes an excellent listen for anyone looking to improve their cultural competency.
  • Podcasts focusing on larger societal issues (these have been recommended by various presenters throughout this year’s student engagement events)
    • Nice White Parents from the New York Times and This American Life examines inequalities in the education, how the system continues to fail black and brown kids, and how white parents can use their influence to make change.
    • G: The Miseducation of Larry P from Radiolab looks at the history of IQ tests and how they have, in many cases, caused more hard than good, especially for minority children.
    • Code Switch comes from NPR and explores how race effects every part of society which ensures there something for everyone to learn. With so many episodes, the following are a great place for clinicians to start
      • Parents Just Don’t Understand
      • What We Inherit 

You can find these podcasts and more for free on Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, and Amazon Music. This is far from a complete list as there are thousands of podcasts that could benefit clinicians.