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Online Class Notification

Dear Students:MSP logo
I’m reaching out to announce that effective immediately all classes are moving online until the end January. This move supports the stability of our instructional programs and individual classes. At this time we plan to be back to our combination of in-person/remote classes starting the week of January 31st.
You’ve received several communications over the past few weeks regarding our decisionmaking process. As an all-vaccinated, all-masked, and soon to be all-boostered community, we are confident that our campus is as safe as possible given the current circumstances. However, by making this decision we will reduce the frequency of changes and the day-to-day uncertainty regarding the way in which classes are offered.
This change is for classes only; students in practicum, to include the MSP Clinic, must continue to follow the requirements of their site.
We remain committed to the health and safety of our community. Fostering a high quality learning environment, online or in-person, is the top priority of our school. We are impressed by your compliance with our safety protocols, including staying home if sick and wearing masks. And we appreciate your flexibility and patience as we grapple with making decisions where there is no clear and correct answer.
So we will spend the next few weeks working and learning from a distance. I look forward to returning on January 31st and seeing many of you in person once again.
In community,
Dr. Brown