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Faculty Spotlight – Dr. Renee Allen


Dr. Reneé Allen is a new member of the adjunct faculty at MSP. She is currently teaching Psyc 524 Intelligence and Achievement Testing in the MA program and Psyc 630 Multicultural Psychology and Social Justice in the PsyD program.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and in my late adolescence Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’m a long way from home as my family still lives there!

What or who influenced you to study psychology? 

My parents influenced me to study psychology as they felt I had a quick and creative mind and noticed that I was alwaysRenee Allen headshot fascinated and preoccupied with thinking about what made people do the things they did and think the way they did.  My parents both have graduate degrees and strongly encouraged me to pursue an area of interest and receive as many degrees in that area of interest that I wanted!

What appealed to you most about teaching here at MSP?

I feel like MSP has an amazingly rich history that is quite unique and I was very intrigued by the mission of its founders. MSP is also a school that is not overwhelming in size or programming and I like that level of intimacy and focus in an educational environment.

What are your research and/or clinical interests?

A special clinical and research interest of mine is the biological, psychological, and social impact of chronic trauma in children and adolescents.

What is your favorite non-academic book and why?

Tie:  1984 by George Orwell and In Cold Blood by Truman Capote.  Both fascinating. Both troubling.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

I am terrified of squirrels. Absolutely terrified.

What sage advice would you like to share with students?

Actively participate in your learning. Think, question, ask, answer. You get out of school what you put in to it. And never forget-some of the best learning comes from interactions with fellow students.