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Division 32 Annual Conference: Student Perspectives Series- Part 3

Over the next two weeks we are continuing to feature a series of posts written by MSP students who attended or presented at the Annual Conference of the Society for Humanistic Psychology: American Psychological Association: Division 32 that was held in Chicago on March 26-29, 2015.

This year the 8th Annual Society of Humanistic Psychology APA Division 32 Conference took place in Chicago, IL. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology served as the venue, with the backdrop of bustling Chicago to fill the atmosphere. My first Division 32 conference was in Chicago over four years ago, and to go back again felt like returning home. This year I sat on two panel presentations, both of which were focused on my area of specialty, Ecopsychology.

Two presentations at one conference is something I have never tried before. At first, I was nervous. I remember each time I got up in front of the room, I could feel my heart start to race. However, I found myself becoming more excited the longer I stood in front of everyone. I wanted to convey my interests to everyone, and I wanted to share why I find Ecopsychology so fascinating.

The theme of the conference was Humanistic (R)evolution, and I felt myself to be a part of it. Bringing new perspective and energy to humanistic psychology was my contribution, along with every other participant at the conference. For anyone who thinks that they do not have the nerve present needs to try it first, then decide how they feel afterwards. Everyone has something valuable to contribute, and we never know the impact that can have on one another until we try.

Although the presentations I did felt amazing and I was glad to take part in them, I found that the most important moments were in the conversations that took place between sessions. Having a chance to share experiences, visions, and ideas with fellow thinkers and (r)evolutionaries, I felt as though we were bringing the conference to life. We were sculpting the future of humanistic psychology, while also sharing in the community bonds that bring us all together every year. I felt that this year’s conference was one of the best I have experienced, but I look forward to the experiences that next year have to offer.

Dr. Derrick Sebree

Derrick Sebree Jr. (PsyD 3)

Currently, I see clients at Abaris Behavioral Health, a private practice. In the fall, I will be completing my internship at Samaritan Counseling Center. I am also working on my dissertation, which is based on my research interests of multiculturalism and Ecopsychology I will be looking into the relationship between ethnic identity strength and strength of connectedness to nature.