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Congrats to Our Current Student Scholarship Recipients!

MSP is committed to contributing annually to assist in student scholarships and aid. Scholarship and financial assistance funding is supported by gifts from alumni, family, and friends. Generally, funds are disbursed in the form of tuition credit.

Scholarships for continuing students are awarded in November. This academic year Megan Meade-Higgins, third year PsyD student, was awarded the Jill Benton Humanistic Psychology Scholarship (JBHPS), and Derrick Sebree, third year PsyD student, was awarded the Aombaye Ramsey Diversity Award (ARDA). The honorees have written acceptance statements for their scholarship awards.

Jill Benton Humanistic Psychology Scholarship (JBHPS)

This scholarship honors Jill Benton, former MSP librarian and alum, and her commitment to humanistic psychology. The JBHPS supports a PsyD student who is committed to advancing the science and practice of humanistic psychology as demonstrated by excellence in scholarship.

Megan Meade-Higgins, PsyD 3
Megan Meade-Higgins, PsyD 3

I am so honored to have received the Jill Benton Scholarship award this year. This award represents a commitment to academic excellence as well as furthering the mission of MSP in the community. I am passionate about the humanistic practitioner-scholar model advocated at our school, and I am very proud to have represented the student body in front of both the Michigan Senate and House health committees this past year that resulted in an extension of our APA application for accreditation. My goal is to be a lifelong learner, and to be a living example of the mission behind this award. Thank you to Dr. Blau and all of the core faculty for this recognition!

Aombaye Ramsey Diversity Award (ARDA)

The Aombaye Ramsey Diversity Award (ARDA) was created in 2004 to honor Dr. Aombaye Ramsey’s lifelong commitment to social justice. This award supports a PsyD student who shares that same commitment to advocate on behalf of diversity issues. Priority will be given to applicants who belong to an ethnic, racial, or cultural group traditionally underrepresented in the field of psychology.

Dr. Derrick Sebree
Derrick Sebree, PsyD 3

I am honored to have received the Aombaye Ramsey Diversity Award this year. The message and mission of the Dr. Ramsey resonate deeply within me. For many years, I have been immersed in the social justice movement of Detroit. However, when I came to MSP, I found myself oddly disconnected from the environment I once held so closely to my heart. I once thought that I would never find a way to reconnect that version of myself with the graduate student, professional version that I have come to cherish.

As I continue to work towards my career goals, multicultural psychology has become one of the many ways I continue to pay homage to my roots. It is an honor to be able to accept such an esteemed award, knowing that Dr. Ramsey’s vision and intent continue to inspire students such as myself. This award has helped me continue to persevere and work towards my goals of diversity and social justice. One day, I hope to open doors and give opportunities to those in need, like this award has done for me.