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Alumni Newsletter- February 2014


Message From the PresidentDiane Blau, PhD psychology associate

Do you know that there are over 1200 alumni that have graduated from our programs?  It is remarkable to realize that so many professionals have emerged from this unique institution, grounded in humanistic and existential tenets and qualitative research paradigms.

I wonder if your experience here was meaningful. I wonder what you learned and how you have carried it forward.  I wonder what you would tell current students and how you would guide them. I do not know anyone better than you to do so.

I also wonder what it would be like for you to be with each other.  What might you offer to one another, what might you share? When you were here, you bonded together into a community, yet after you left, it seemed as if your professional lives took you elsewhere.

I believe there is really something missing here. You. We need you to share how you have taken what you learned here and made it blossom. We want to hear your voices, your ideas, your perspectives.

Consider taking this opportunity to reconnect with us, with those you knew, with others who are rooted in the same principles as you.  Consider what you can impart, and what you might receive. Talk with me or Dondi Browner engage in an alumni activity, plan a gathering, share your expertise. We invite you to rekindle that unique spirit that was alive when you were here.

Diane Blau, PhD

Alumni Updates

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PsyD Alumni Survey

Attention PsyD Alums: We NEED your help!

We are conducting a survey and your voice is important. Your survey responses will keep the MSP Alumni Association up to date on your life since graduation, and help us develop future programs for students and alumni. The survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

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