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2022 PsyD Graduates & Dissertation Titles

Congratulations to our 2022 PsyD graduates! Dissertations will soon be available on ProQuest for students, faculty, and staff.

Bernadine Bishop

The Impact of Attempted Suicide on the Family

Brian Burgoyne

How College Music Majors Experience Perfectionism Within Their Scholastic Concentration

Chris Corbin headshot

Christopher Corbin

Psychosocial Predictors of Chronic Pain Perception Among Military Combat and Non-combat Veterans

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Nathan Hayrynen

Developing the Wise Mind: Exploring the Experience of DBT for Individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder

Photo of Michelle Hodges-Pietryka

Michelle Hodges-Pietryka

Stories of Revictimization During Incarceration:
The Returning Experience 

Photo of Jennie-Marie Johnson

Jennie-Marie Johnson

Understanding the Relationship Between Psychological Distress, Diabetes Mental Health Education, and Diabetes Management for Adults with Type-2 Diabetes 

Photo of Rebecca Kapetansky

Rebecca Kapetansky

From Autism to Neurodiversity:
A Proposed Model of Identity Development

Jillian Lemke

Childfree and Sterilized: The Identity Relevance of Childfree Sterilizations

Photo of Ariel Magidson

Ariel Magidson

Soft Shadows and Moonlight Hours:
Interconnection, Trauma, and Healing

Photo of Cassianna McCants

Cassianna McCants

The Techniques Doctoral Level Clinical Psychology Programs Use to Teach Administration and Scoring of Cognitive Assessment Measures

Photo of Brittany Rutland

Brittany Rutland

The Development and Psychometric Evaluation of the Women’s Sexual Shame Scale

Photo of Rickey Schuler

Rickey Schuler

The Experience of Female Sexual Abuse Survivors in Therapy with Male Therapists

Holly Spencer​ headshot

Holly Spencer

Euphoria, Pain, and Personal Growth:
A Women’s Experience of Having an Affair

Photo of Mackenzie

Mackenzie Tresnak

Predictors of Sexual Health Among Previvor Women

Photo of Kristine Vichinsky

Kristine Vichinsky

Development of the Transwomen Eating Disorder Scale

Photo of Erin White

Erin White

Gentrification: A Narrative Approach to Understanding the Experience of African American Detroiters