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Day: August 16, 2016

Exterior of the original CHS building

Thoughts on APA Accreditation

A small constellation of students from various universities across the country came to the Merrill Palmer Institute (MPI) in 1970 for a year of study with Clark Moustakas and Cereta Perry in new program entitled “Enhancing Human Potentials”(EHP). The seeds planted in EHP have since evolved into The Michigan School

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Bridget Bienz

Life After MSP: Bridget Bienz

MSP strives to connect with alumni to find out more about the work that fulfills their passion for clinical psychology.  Life After MSP is our new column that highlights the career journey of our grads. Name: Bridget Bienz, TLLP (MA Class of 2015) Job Title: Therapist for Professional Psychological &

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Dr. Amorie Robinson

My Reflections on Diversity Perspectives

It’s been quite a year. In fact, the past few years have been eye-opening for most of America. For me, and for other African Americans, unfortunately, it’s been business as usual. America has not always been fair and kind to people of color and those who are LGBTs and gender

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Student Spotlight

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PsyD Spotlight

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