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Thoughts on APA Accreditation

A small constellation of students from various universities across the country came to the Merrill Palmer Institute (MPI) in 1970 for a year of study with Clark Moustakas and Cereta Perry in new program entitled “Enhancing Human Potentials”(EHP). The seeds planted in EHP have since evolved into The Michigan School of Professional Psychology (MSP), referred until 2006 as The Center for Humanistic Studies (CHS).

MSP’s rich and dynamic history reflects the impact of its founders, leaders, students staff and donors.  With over 1500 alumni, most providing clinical services, the values, and principles learned at MPI, CHS and MSP have affected many lives in profound ways.

The accreditation of the doctoral program by the American Psychological Association is a remarkable accomplishment given this institutional journey, but especially because of the commitment to preserve and value humanistic principles while continually integrating contemporary concepts and practices.

Thanks to everyone who has been a member of this learning community-each of your fingerprints have moved us forward. Let us celebrate who we have been, who we are, and the radiant future that lies ahead.

With gratitude to all,


President Diane Blau