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2014-2015 Cereta Perry Scholarship Recipients

The Cereta Perry Scholarship (CPS) honors Cereta Perry, PhD, co-founder of CHS/MSP, and her contributions to both alumni and diversity. Dr. Perry was known for her relationships with students, many of which were sustained as they became alumni. Although she formally retired from CHS in 1998, she remained an advocate of MSP and its mission as her principles and teachings have been carried forward.

The scholarship was established in her name for the purpose of recruiting diverse students to MSP. It is awarded at the beginning of each school year to a promising incoming student in each program​.​ This scholarship is reserved for applicants who belong to ethnic, racial, cultural,​ religious,​ and sexual identity groups that have traditionally been underrepresented populations in the field of psychology. The student must demonstrate good academic standing in the first semester at MSP. The award will be granted in the form of a tuition credit for the second semester.

This academic year Maxine Pegram, MA program, and David Tucker, PsyD program, were awarded the Cereta Perry Scholarship.

Maxine Pegram, MA Student

Pegram, MaxineI am extremely grateful and deeply honored to have received this scholarship. It is definitely encouragement for me to do well and continue the work of those before me like Dr. Perry. I am thankful for her role in helping to get this school started. I too hope to one day give back as she did.

This scholarship is very instrumental in helping me pay for this valuable education and to achieve my goal to become a professional therapist. It certainly will help with some of the financial hardship of returning to school full-time. I have only been in this school for a short time yet, I feel I have grown so much in my personal development. I find that I am better listener and more empathetic to others.

My life journey has taken me in many directions and I am very fortunate to be here at the Michigan School of Professional Psychology.

David Tucker, PsyD 1 Student

Tucker David Receiving the Cereta Perry Scholarship this year has marked another milestone in my growth as a person and psychologist. Dr. Perry worked for the advancement of humanistic psychology and diversity awareness, and I plan to do the same. I intend to become an advocate for MSP and diversity awareness. Through this, I plan to serve the community as Dr. Perry did. Becoming more involved in the community will be a starting point for me, and I am very excited to begin my work. Being honored with this scholarship, I have found a greater drive and confidence in my present and future endeavors.