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Emergency Funds

Student In Need Grant (SING)    

Need-based up to $1,000

The Student In Need Grant (SING) was first established by an anonymous alumna who was proud of achieving her Master of Arts degree at MSP while enduring many life challenges. This individual vowed to uphold the spirit of giving by “passing it on” so that current students could be supported in the same way. Need-based grants are awarded to MA, MA w/ABA and PsyD students experiencing unforeseen financial hardship who have exhausted other avenues of funding. Students must be in good academic standing. This grant allows MSP to respond to unique situations that arise for students throughout the year. 

Student Emergency Loan Fund (SELF)  

Need-based up to $1,000

Available to MA, MA w/ABA and PsyD students. The Student Emergency Loan Fund (SELF) was established in 2005 by an anonymous donor to provide immediate aid to students with an emergency financial situation who have exhausted other available financial resources.  To be eligible, students must demonstrate financial need.

New (posted 3/22/2021)

Budget Increases for Additional Loan Eligibility – This is a reminder that per MSP standard policy and procedures, students may request a Financial Aid revision to their student budget for higher expenses, including expenses related to the pandemic. Increases to the student budget may result in additional borrowing eligibility through student loans – usually Grad PLUS Loan.

To request a budget revision for additional loan consideration you will create an Excel spreadsheet detailing your monthly expenses by category (Books & Supplies, Technology, Room & Board, Personal, Transportation) and forward that to [email protected] for review. Follow-up documentation may be requested. An additional Grad PLUS Loan application may be required.


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