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Academic Standing

Academic Standing

Students are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress toward the completion of their program, which includes adequate performance with respect to grades, grade point average and all other program expectations for academic performance, professional behavior, clinical skills development and research progress.

Students’ academic progress is reviewed each semester and on an as-needed basis. The formal Annual Assessment process for PsyD students identifies those who may be at-risk of failure to meet program and academic expectations. Individuals who are determined by the faculty to be at-risk are placed on Academic Probation.

Students are required to maintain an overall cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale. Grades of “C,” “F,” or “NC” are not counted toward completion of program requirements. Students are considered in Good Standing if they have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above, and they are not on Academic Probation.

In addition, federal regulations require that financial aid recipients make satisfactory academic progress to remain eligible for financial aid.

Professional psychologists and psychotherapists have a duty of care to the public and to society. This duty makes the assessment of the student’s overall performance of particular importance. The school reserves the right to take disciplinary action or dismiss a student at any time when a student’s academic or clinical performance, ethical standards, attendance, financial delinquency, emotional stability, or personal conduct is significantly detrimental to the educational goals and purposes of the institution. Please refer to the Code of Conduct and MSP Professional Behavior Expectations for additional information.

Annual Assessment of Students

The MA faculty review the performance of all MA students during their time in the master’s program. Full-time MA students will be evaluated on their academic and clinical progress and professional behavior at the midpoint of their second semester. Part-time MA students will be evaluated on their academic progress and professional behavior yearly, and those students in practicum will receive an evaluation on their clinical progress. Students are notified, in writing, of the outcome. Assessments are inclusive of academic and clinical performance and expectations of professional behavior.  For students who are identified by faculty as being at risk, this review may occur at any point.

The PsyD faculty review the performance of all students at the end of each academic year. Students are notified, in writing, of the outcome. To support student growth and progress, a mid-year assessment is also conducted for students in the first year of the program and for those continuing students who are identified by the faculty as being at risk.   

Assessment of students are inclusive of academic and clinical performance, expectations of professional behavior and research progress. If warranted, students may be placed on probation and/or an educational development plan may be developed. Students who fail to meet academic, clinical or research requirements or professional behavior expectations may be dismissed from the program.


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