Academic Dismissal

Description Students are dismissed for:
• Receipt of two grades of “F’ or “NC.”
• Receipt of three grades of “C” or below in a single semester.
• Being on probation for grades and failing to achieve grades of B- or better in any forthcoming semester.
• Failure to successfully pass the Clinical Competency Exam after two attempts.
• Failure to meet the remediation requirements of an Educational Development Plan.
• Failure to achieve progress toward the cumulative GPA of 3.0.
Evaluation Student records are reviewed by the Registrar at the end of each semester for grade requirements, cumulative grade point average requirements, and progress on Educational Development Plans. Students may be reviewed at other times on as-needed basis. 
Financial Aid Impact Students dismissed from the institution are ineligible for financial aid. 
Removal Students may only be removed from dismissal status upon successful appeal of the dismissal. 
Appeal Students who have been dismissed from the institution may submit a letter of appeal to the Vice President within ten (10) business days of the date of notification. If an appeal has been filed, students may continue attending courses pending the outcome of the appeal. The Vice President will investigate and render a decision within ten (10) business days of receipt of the student’s letter. The decision of the Vice President is final. 


Reinstatement after Academic Dismissal

A student who has been dismissed due to academic reasons may request reinstatement following a wait period of one calendar year. This request must be in the form of a letter, submitted to the Program Director and must include the reason for reinstatement and explain how the student has addressed barriers to academic success. All requests are reviewed on an individual basis. Requests must be submitted according to the following dates:

  • by June 1st for reinstatement in the first semester;
  • by November 1st for reinstatement in the second semester;
  • by March 1st for reinstatement in the third semester.