Academic Dismissal

Students are dismissed for:

  • Receipt of two grades of “F” or “NC” in an academic program, regardless of when earned.  
  • Receipt of three grades of “C” or below in a single semester.
  • Failure to successfully pass a course (B- or better) upon second attempt. This applies to a repeat of any previously earned grade of “C”, “F” or “NC” and any mark of “W”.
  • Being on probation for grades and failing to achieve grades of B- or better in any forthcoming semester.
  • Failure to successfully pass the Clinical Competency Evaluation after three attempts.
  • Failure to meet the remediation requirements of an Educational Development Plan.
  • Failure to meet the remediation requirements of a Clinical Training Development Plan.
  • Failure to achieve progress toward the cumulative GPA of 3.0.   


Student records are reviewed, by the Director of Student Services/Registrar, at the end of each semester for grade requirements, and progress on Educational Development Plans. Students may be reviewed at other times on an as-needed basis. 

Financial Aid Impact

Students dismissed from the institution are ineligible for financial aid. 


Students may only be removed from dismissal status upon successful appeal of the dismissal. 


Students who have been dismissed from the institution may submit a letter of appeal to the Dean of Academic Programs within ten (10) business days of the date of notification. If an appeal has been filed, students may continue attending courses pending the outcome of the appeal. The Dean of Academic Programs will investigate and render a decision within ten (10) business days of receipt of the student’s letter. The decision of the Dean of Academic Programs is final. 

Readmission to MSP

Students whose records have been inactivated due to withdrawal, academic dismissal, or registration/enrollment inactivity of three consecutive semesters or more must apply for readmission to their academic program in order to return as an MSP student.

Any student requesting readmission following a dismissal for academic or non-academic reasons must begin the process by submitting a written request, addressing the circumstances leading to the dismissal and any changes that have occurred to warrant a successful return to academic study. This letter must be submitted to the Office of the Director of Student Services/Registrar for initial review. A meeting with the Program Director or other appropriate administrator will be required for any return after an academic dismissal. 
Applications for readmission must be submitted to the Director of Student Services/Registrar. Applications for readmission will be reviewed by the Director of Student Services/Registrar, and Program Director based on current admission criteria and degree requirements as established by the academic program. Length of time since attending, prior academic standing, and amount of credits previously completed will be considered in determining approval of readmission or the requirement to participate in the interview/new student application process.  


All holds (financial, academic, etc.) must be resolved prior to seeking readmission. Contact the Director of Student Services/Registrar at 248-476-1122 to determine if there are any holds on the student record.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for Financial Aid is based on prior academic standing, to include grades, cumulative progress and GPA. This determines federal financial aid eligibility. If offered readmission, the SAP status will be the same as when previously enrolled. Individuals whose financial aid was previously suspended may be eligible for financial aid upon return to good SAP status. 

Please note: SAP status does not affect the readmission application. Questions related to aid eligibility may be directed to the Office of Financial Aid at 248-476-1122.

Application Process

To begin the process of applying for readmission:

  1. Contact the Director of Student Services/Registrar for the readmission application.
  2. If you have completed coursework at another college or university since you were last enrolled at MSP, you must request official transcripts to be sent directly from the school(s) to MSP.
  3. The semester of reentry you request will be considered by the Director of Student Services/Registrar. If readmitted, the semester of reentry will be dependent upon remaining courses, course scheduling, class size, and other program requirements.
  4. Please ensure enough time for the processing and review of your request. Two to three months prior to the start of the semester you intend to enroll is recommended.


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