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Loan Refund Schedule

Loan Disbursement and Refund Schedule 2023-2024

As loan applications become complete at the beginning of each semester, the financial aid office will draw loan funds down from the U.S. Department of Education and disburse them to your student account. After first paying your MSP bill for outstanding tuition/fee charges, any excess balance will be refunded to you.

Direct Deposit

Students may authorize to have financial aid refunded via direct deposit which is faster and more cost effective. Do not email (unsecure) the completed direct deposit authorization. Use this secure upload to submit the form and any bank/account verification (you must be logged into your MSP email account) to the MSP Financial Aid Office.

Paper refund checks will be mailed if there is no direct deposit authorization, and will occur no later than 14 days after disbursement.

First Semester 2023-2024

Disbursement Date Direct Deposit Refund Paper Refund
September 11
September 19
September 22
September 22
September 29
October 5
October 6
October 13
October 19

Second Semester 2023-2024

Disbursement Date Direct Deposit Refund Paper Refund
January 8
January 16
January 19
January 19
January 26
February 1
February 2
February 9
February 15

Third Semester 2023-2024

Disbursement Date Direct Deposit Refund Paper Refund
April 29
May 6
May 10
May 10
May 17
May 23
May 24
May 31
June 6

The final date for late loan approval is June 14, 2024. Eligibility for loan funds and refund checks are contingent upon maintaining at least half-time enrollment and meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress. Contact the Financial Aid Office with questions.


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