Staff Spotlight – Jonathan Hackett

At the end of November, we were delighted to welcome Jonathan Hackett, as our new IT Support Specialist. Below, Jonathan offers insight into his role at MSP and a little about himself. Welcome Jonathan!

Photo of Jonathan HackettGive us a snapshot of your professional/academic background.

I studied at University of Michigan-Dearborn and got my Bachelor of Science in biochemistry. After working in the lab for a bit, I decided the work wasn’t for me, so I shifted into working with computers instead, which is something I’ve enjoyed tinkering with since I was a kid.

Describe your role at MSP.

As the Technical Support Specialist, my job is to support the students, faculty, and staff with any technical issues they might experience, building and upgrading computer systems, and helping to make sure that the school’s technology is maintained and working properly.

What attracted you to working at MSP?

The size of the school seemed like a perfect fit, where I would be able to get to know the people that I would be helping and feel a stronger sense that I was making a difference. I’m also happy to be supporting the students, faculty, and staff that are focused on improving mental health.

What are you looking forward to most in this position?

Every day I’m learning something new: working with a system or program for the first time, or having to troubleshoot an issue that I hadn’t seen before. It keeps me on my toes and I’m having a great time helping people out and expanding my technical skill set.

What is one thing that people might be surprised to know about you?

I was able to transfer some of the skills that I learned from working in the lab into the kitchen and have become a pretty decent cook.