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Reflections from President Blau: A Promising Future

Our monthly blog feature from MSP President, Dr. Diane Blau, discussing what’s on her mind and in her heart regarding MSP and the field of professional psychology.  President Diane Blau

Recently I attended a middle school concert. I saw gleaming eyes and radiant smiles on young people eager to share
their melodious voices with a welcoming audience of relatives and friends. Songs reflecting passion and purpose, commitment to make a difference and help others in need permeated the program.

Promises on the wings of song from these emerging adolescents moved me to tears. Here they were, standing proud and tall, on the cusp of awakening to raw reality, singing with hope and vitality of a golden future.

In such experiences, my heart fills and I feel inspired. These are our future healers, leaders and guides. They have a sense of the world as it swirls about them, unavoidably available at every flip of the phone, touch of the iPad, or click on the computer. And idealistic as it may seem, they are determined to be different and make a difference.

Such aims for change and betterment are not new. They are the foundation of our country. Indeed, our humanistic legacy resonates with a belief in the good, the positive resources in people, and the ability to grow and change, to move toward health. And throughout history, such people, groups and communities have made a magnificent and significant difference.

When I am bombarded by the daily utterances that occupy national news to circuslike proportions and world events that seem unsolvable and weigh heavily on my mind, I will picture these wholesome young people standing on a middle school stage, and listen for their strong message and lively voices promising a brighter future.