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Reflections from President Blau: Foster the Future

Each month Dr. Diane Blau, MSP President, shares what’s on her mind and in her heart regarding The Michigan School and the field of professional psychology. 

President Diane Blau

Last fall, I presented a Matching Gift Challenge of $150,000 to the MSP community to Foster the Future. Foster the Future of a school that is growing – growing in its ability to educate students in best practices of psychological treatment.  Growing in service to a community where mental health needs are ever increasing.  Growing in visibility for its personalized instruction and its humanistic foundation. And embedded in the belief that every person has the capacity to grow and realize his or her potential.

The Diane Blau Matching Foster the Future Campaign has been extended and will still match each dollar that you bring in.  So far, we are two thirds on our way! Just a bit more to go and we will have $300,000 matched toward our future campus.

You can promote the Matching Gift Challenge – where dollars are worth double!

You are an important asset to this campaign. With your engagement, enthusiasm and support, you can help meet this goal. You can encourage donations by speaking about what MSP means to you, your clients, and your community. It is your personal stories that touch the heart and make the most difference — and each of you have your own story to tell.

I like to dream about our future campus.  The building itself is beautiful, not unlike the current space, warm and welcoming. I see students in the clinic engaged with children and families, some working in the playroom, others treating individuals and couples. Superb supervision by expert faculty. Consultation with local school districts and multiple low fee testing and assessment prospects.  Involvement in numerous social justice projects and community engagements.

I picture the large meeting hall buzzing with educational pursuits and students gathering by the fireplace in the cozy student lounge. And this is just the beginning. What do you foresee?

I hope what we imagine will become a reality.  Please join me in making it so.

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