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PsyD Student Spotlight

LaSondra Wayne

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Book I would recommend: Church Clothes: Why Your Heart Is Your Sunday Best by Dr.  Matthew L. Stevenson III 

Favorite quote: “It is finished.” John 19:28-30

What would people be surprised to know about you? Once upon a time I desired to be a judge as I have always desired justice for the “underdog.”
What is a cause that you’re passionate about? I am passionate about educating the community on mental health issues, increase service acquisition of underrepresented populations, and advocate for those who do not have a voice, lack resources, and are often overlooked. 
Why did you choose to attend MSP? The humanistic philosophy of Michigan School of Psychology is perfectly in line with my personal values and professional approach in the field.  The “integrative school of thought” and concept of “honoring the whole person,” provides a framework for how I will proceed on my academic and professional journey.  While MSP adheres to high academic and professional standards, there is also great appreciation for clinical practice and applying research and knowledge toward the mission to “transform the world.”  
What do you want to do with your degree/certificate? Upon completion of my degree, I will maintain a thriving private practice and provide comprehensive counseling and psychological services.  I will specifically target clientele who do not typically seek mental health services due to stigma, their status, or their profession. This includes clergy, law enforcement and helping professionals.  Additionally, I will become an expert in the delivery of services within the child welfare system. 
What is your plan for after graduation? I will conduct continuing education trainings and conferences related to best practices in helping ensure child safety and well being, family preservation, and permanence for children in the foster care system. As a specialist, I will provide consultation to state departments and improve child welfare policy. I will create a model of service provision that is a gold standard in Michigan, but may also be adapted to other states. 

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